Odynet Inc. is a full service Internet Service Provider based in London, Ontario, Canada, providing Business and Residential DSL and Dial Internet Access, as well as web hosting. We believe that accessing the Internet should be easy. You don't want to spend your time trying to get on... you want to BE on.

Reliable Hardware / Internet Connection - We believe that professional equipment is mandatory for providing a reliable connection to the Internet. Our servers are entirely provided by Sun MicroSystems with backup power systems all connected to multiple Internet backbones which give OdyNet one of the largest connections to the Internet in SW Ontario.

Our Staff - We live, breathe, eat and sleep the Internet. Years of experience that you can take advantage of.

Our Future - We are committed to remaining on the leading edge of the rapidly evolving world of the Internet and High Speed DSL. For our valued customers, we will continue to provide a reliable link to the world.